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Introducing The Leading Plastic Bottle Supplier.

Introducing The Leading Plastic Bottle Supplier.

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Our Advantanges

While most plastic bottle manufacturers can only offer certain kinds of materials, our support for various types of materials gives customers more flexibility to try plastic containers of different materials to meet current market needs.Our flexibility in producing a wide variety of plastic cans and bottles has allowed us to dominate the international market and sell internationally.In order to meet the high demand of more than 1000 customers, we continue to grow the number of molds in our mold factory in order to provide a variety of plastic bottle designs.

Cheap Price & High Quality

Plastic bottles are ubiquitous, but the cost of production varies dramatically around the world due to differences in raw material costs and energy prices. The main type of plastic used, polyethylene, is made from naphtha, a petroleum derivative, which can be partially replaced by ethane, a natural gas derivative. Ethane is very little traded internationally, so only places where natural gas is cheap and abundant will use it to make PET. Thanks to the shale gas boom, these countries now include the United States and the Middle East. Europe and Asia rely only on expensive naphtha. In these places, higher fuel and electricity costs have also pushed up the cost of making plastic bottles.

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